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Metal and Rock

2012-08-07 19:42:51 by itsfoxhall

Ok as some may know I am the guitarist for Against Fate but when we have some down time I'm at home writing pretty much constantly, some tracks for AF others for myself.

I still make the occasional dance/trance/drum n bass tracks, but yeah I've gone as far as I care to go with those as musical outlets. So I will be posting some of the tracks I've done here seeing how I've always had a softspot for NG.

Hope you enjoy the tracks, but quite honestly they are for my enjoyment, anyone else likes them that's a bonus for me.


So I'm up to 10 tracks now, I'm aiming for 11/12 but it's sounding awesome so far, some of the songs have come out so well, I may put a album sample up either here or on the official myspace/facebook pages.

The album will be on sale through the SownShadow Fox store at There is already a EP out too with the FULL version of Desert Winds, Miniture and Believe Your Alone also avalible at the online store.

there's also Tshirts and badges there too so if you get a few mins head on over and have a look!

SownShadow Fox

New remake up

2009-06-17 17:44:19 by itsfoxhall /247589

Well it's not 100% done, as I had a damn "media error" when trying to open it this morning to finish mixing it, so this version is the last saved version of it, i'd say it's roughly 80% done some of the filters and fading is a bit out and it all needs to be mixed better aswell, but I havn't got the head to start over again at the moment so here's what I had done so far, hope you enjoy.

And if anyone is in Cardiff South Wales on June 25th head to Zync Bar at 9:30pm as I'm doing an hour set there!! Next night I'm in my home... village of Cwmparc in a battle of the bands (lol) but it's a 20 min set there for me so come along and support, who knows me and Chez may win xD

Also some album news, there are now 9 songs on "The Thin Line Between Me and Sanity" I'm aiming to get another three done, and then the whole production process can start :D And I have merch on the way :O SownShadow Fox t-shirts in male medium and female skinny fit will be avalible by the end of the month and if you come to any SSF show you can get yourself some SSF Badges!! :O

Hope to see some peoples at the shows :D


on Thursday the 25th of June SownShadow Fox will be playing his first show at the Zync Bar in Cardiff South Wales UK! the show starts at 9:30pm

Come down and enjoy the summer weather and remember this show is FREE!!

Hope to see most of you there :D

Ice Cap Zone Act 2 SSF

2009-04-24 11:57:14 by itsfoxhall

So when I last did Ice Caps it ended up boring I found, so I've had another crack at it, and so far it's sounding pretty pumping instead of playing it normally I've thrown in a few bits into the melody, mainly because I hit a note wrong on accident but sounded pretty good so I stuck with it.

G/f's birthday today so i've just started with the track untill she gets home so unless I figure out how to do the rest of the song now they earliest this'll be done is tuesday depending how hung over I am ^_^

I also redid my Fable song too Fabled Song 2009 is up in the portal so if you like the orginal have a gander at the new version, which I am much more happy with


Fabled Song 2009

2009-04-21 23:07:10 by itsfoxhall

Morning/Evening all, just finished up on a remake of the Fable music, some may know that I've already got a different version of this song up, but it wasn't really finished properly due to a virus on my old laptop which needed to be nuked.

So unable to get the orginal files started from scratch and here's the end product. enjoy /232017

Aplir Foors

2009-04-01 06:56:44 by itsfoxhall

Herro Newglounds Happy Aplir foors day

now get back to wrrk

New tune up

2009-03-28 05:26:33 by itsfoxhall

Desert Winds - SownShadow Fox

Check it out at the link above, big thanks to Lil Chez for doing the vocals.

on another note, how fucking annoying is it when some gimp keeps coming to your music and rating it all zero

Click here to be transported :O

Check the official myspace too for more Orginal songs by SownShadow Fox!

SownShadow Fox myspace!


Chemical Plant Zone SownShadow Fox Mix now LIVE!

Well it's 1am and I've been doing this track for a while now starting to take shape, just wondering whether to have it as a loop or see how much i can change it to a full song, argh I don't know, was quite chuffed when I got a sound pretty close to the orginal song on mega drive, kept me amused for a while anyway :P

There's a new track online at Sownshadow Fox called "As The Sun Falls" check it out if you havn't, there are also other orginal songs on there aswell as one or two remixes/covers.

Well back to the studio for a bit and then bed ^.^